Quality Sports Coaching

All sessions are led by one of Active Development’s experienced head coaches.

Active Lessons

Structured lessons with clear learning objectives in line with our coaching philosophy.

Holiday Courses

A fun way for your child to gain confidence, make friends and learn new skills.

Every Child Achieves

Through our unique, engaging learning environment we strive to ensure every child achieves.

What parents say about Active Development:

“Thank you providing a great active week for my children.” “Active Development staff have always been professional and enthusiastic.”

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our philosophy is derived from a combination of research and time spent coaching, we believe in practice and guided discovery, we encourage creativity and problem solving. To further this we believe contact time is crucial and where possible we try to ensure each child has as much exposure to practice as possible, for example if the sport in question was basketball each child will at some point have a ball each, this increases the number of touches of the ball and therefore more time to practice a particular technique, allowing the child to achieve.

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Why choose Active Development as your partner?

Coaching philosophy

• We believe in practice and guided discovery
• We encourage creativity and problem solving
• Child centred lessons

Coaching standards

• All coaches subject to an enhanced crb
• Coaches regularly attend CPD events
• All head coaches have up to date first aid certificates

Working in unison with your school

• Behaviour management consistency
• Working alongside school staff
• Flexible to fit individual needs